At HFC, our clients demand the highest standards of quality with the lowest working tolerances. Meeting these quality requirements is our passion. Our recent products range from motorcycle gear shifts/eccentric balancers to aircraft refueling couplers, achieving the quality required of such demanding applications.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

HFC is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality service. Our quality system was developed within the requirements and guidelines of ISO 9001 which ensures that our quality management, processes, and product control meet the most stringent requirements.

Testing Equipment

At HFC we have a dedicated quality control department. Its responsibilities include inspection and testing, leveraging a wide range of top of the line inspection and testing equipment. Our highly trained workforce has the skills and abilities to assure all aspects of component to meet the high standards our customers demand.
Test Equipment Brand Model Specifications Mesuring Range Number
CMM machine TESA MH DCC 454 E = 3.0 + 4 L / 1000 μm 440 x 490 x 390 mm 1
Roundness machine MITUTOYO RA-2100 AS E = 0.02 + 4H / 10000 μm Ø300 x 300 mm 1
Vision measuring machine HUFFMAN SWAP1+ U1 = 3 + L / 200 μm 250 x 150 x 150 mm 1
Roughness machine MITUTOYO SJ-210 - - 1
Roughness machine TOKYO SEIMITSU E 30A - - 1
Coating Thickness
Measurement Instruments
FISCHER Deltascope FMP10(FE) For platings on steel or iron. - 1
Coating Thickness
Measurement Instruments
FISCHER Isoscope FMP10(NF) For anodized coatings on aluminum - 1
  • Ping guages,
  • Height Guages,
  • Micrometers,
  • Calipers,
  • Granites,
  • Bore guages,
  • Comparators,
  • Thread measuring threee wires,
  • Thread guages,
  • Ring / Plug guages,
  • Meters

3D Reflex Coordinate Measuring machine

  • Measurement and testing equipment that can determine the accuracy of product quality
  • Instantly displays the results and the three-dimensional position of the probe simultaneously
  • Improves test efficiency and accuracy.
  • Includes an indexable probe.

Roundness machine

  • Continuous measurement improves productivity
  • Highly repeatable measurements with high-accuracy scales

Vision measuring machine

We use CCD lens magnification zoom capabilities to capture images, and then use the optical scale to compare the coordinate-values of the image. This method accurately calculates the required coordinate-values or sizes.

Testing equipment design

We can design custom inspection tools to perform tests based on your unique specifications.